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Robert Kopler and Barry Harnamji-Darin
Robert and Barry
Darin Neil Harnamji
February 04, 1963 -
July 12, 2001

Darin Neil Harnamji was born in Trinidad, 1963.   He was the middle child of his four siblings, Rick, Barry, Perry and Tracey.  He quickly let everyone know that he was interested in everything he could see, hear and touch.  He absolutely loved his family and had an incredible bond with Mom.  Darin was always fascinated with nature and science.  All of his endeavors were influenced by the natural world and he learned something about every subject that he could, then let everyone know.  Darin traveled to many parts of the United States, Canada and once to Europe but always called Houston, Texas, his home.
Darin and I lost touch a long time ago but we spent a little time together in 2001.  Through the photographs that I’ve seen, he had a very rich life and quite a lot of friends, including his best friend, Cindy.  I miss you Darin.
Darin's Eulogy by Cindy Ortiz

Webster defines a “Friend” as a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard. A Supporter, Backer, Advocate, Ally, Loyal, Forgiving...
Darin was all that.
I had the distinct pleasure and honor of being Darin's friend. During his short time with us, he proved to be a compassionate individual who loved unconditionally and without reservation. He was my brother. His desire was to be loved and accepted; therefore, he conveyed those same emotions.
He and I spent so much time together. We confessed our secrets, fears and desires. In our many conversations, he confessed his undying Love for his family. So even though my heart aches for his companionship and I will miss him every day, I am comforted knowing that he is free of pain and suffering.
I will thank God every day for the gift of Darin.
I only wish that I could have played a bigger role in his life, but I did get to tell him that I loved him very much.  I miss you my little brother.
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When I Fall In Love - Nat King Cole and Natalie Cole
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This page is dedicated to the memory of my Brother, Darin Neil Harnamji
Darin's Slide Show:
This slide show tribute to Darin was very emotional for me because Darin is my younger brother.  I regret missing out on spending time with him, which made going through all the photos that much more difficult.  With input from my siblings and his best friend, I was able to complete it.  I think Darin would have liked it.  I love you and miss you Darin.
Musical Credit for Darin's slide show:
  • My Heart Will Go On -  Celine Dion
  • Could It Be Magic / Song For You (Medly) - Sylvester
Darin's Photos
Darin's Photos Darin's Photos Darin's Photos
Darin's Photos